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MPC Renaissance vs. NI Maschine fight announced.

I just got wind of this in the wee hours of Thursday morning, Jan 05th 2012 – not 2013 (just in case).

Akai Pro Audio, has released a video of their new MPC Renaissance controller with software sequencer.
Right along the lines of the, now famous, Maschine by Native Instruments.
For a little while now Maschine had its own category. Now, rightfully so, Akai is gonna step in the CPU host “ring”.

Maschine came out of left field and shocked a lot of people. I’m a proud Maschine user, and it has given me a lot of power at my fingertips.
But now.
MPC Junior is stepping up, and let’s see if he has some secret science he inherited from Pop Dukes. …and no doubt, he has studied his competitors moves.

Let’s see where this goes people.

They said it’s a 2012 release.
We don’t know the cost yet.
We know it has a built-in audio interface, so that has some cool points of being able to plug your turntable, ipod, microphones, etc, right into it and get to chopping.

But I am able to do that already with my Maschine setup… meaning… plug an audio source in to my interface, record into the Machine software and get it crackling n hissing.
The MPC-R sounds convenient, however, having so much connectivity in the unit.

As far as I can tell, The MPC-R will be able to do pretty much what Maschine does. They are just not explaining enough at this point.
I figure they are going to announce at some point: “Our MPC-R can do This, and This! that Maschine cannot!”
Then Maschine will say, maybe 3-6 months later: “Aha! Our Maschine can do That, And That… aaand Thiiiisss!!!”

So I feel excited about this.
I may not switch to the MPC because I have already gotten my start with Maschine. And the competition will make Akai announce new features… then… NI will announce new features. So my investment in Maschine may pay off more than I expected, and I’m already more than happy with the staring contests I’ve been able to have with it.

If you haven’t got yourself a NI box yet, but have wanted to… wait for more info on “Jr.” and see what you want to do. I figure whatever one company drops on us, the other will match soon enough. AND. This is mostly software based. You don’t have to replace the controller to get new software. Just download it, and we haven’t paid for an update yet. I’m sure that’s coming though.

Native Instruments is a forward thinking fighter. …but Akai is like a wise old dragon, don’t forget.

I figure after this first bout, someone is gonna loose by a split desicion. Then there will be a rematch, and a re-re-re-rematch for the Two Feroucious Warriors:
Blanca vs. Guille!
Ryu vs. Chun-Li!
This is the SNES, we can just keep re-matching… no quarters… and I just ordered pizza.

-Rust Mc Rust Rustin’