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Today is the Beggining of the World.

Carry On.

Mobile Rusty. More mobile than my last trip to Mars to make that repair on the Curiosity Rover.

Rusty is Mobile.
Hot Damnit.

Basically what I mean by all this junk is, go check my site, from your Smart Phone.
Or at least a phone of above average intelligence… work wit’ me.

image image

But yieah. This is the first mobile version of the Rusty Joints website. I may update and modify at will.

There is previews of the 2 new tracks from, AnTeNATiCa, just as the main site.

There’s the bio area, called Rust.

Theres the Music area which is linked to my Bandcamp shop. They made a nice cozy little mobile version of Bandcamp earlier this year.
Check all that out. And if you’re a musician, it’s a good resource for you to setup an account with them. (In case you aint heard bout it yet)

And finally on the mobile site there’s the Contact page, with a contact form, a bunch of links, and the email signup form.
So if you know any music lovers, put them on.

Now, you could stop people at the bus stop, and tell them:
“Yo! Check this site out… check the music… and go on sign up for the mailing list, because AnTeNATiCa is gonna explode Yo FACE!!, and you need to be notified when that happens!”

That’s what you should say, word for word.

Much Love

(Is it snowing?..)

The Tree of Many Things

The Tree of Many Things.
This artwork is freshly posted to the art gallery and shop on Society6.

This was based on talks with a friend of mine.
It originated with the Ceiba Tree, and extended from there based on all the folklore surrounding it.

This is the tree of many things, based on the ceiba tree.

The Tree of Many Things

The Tree of Many Things. The ceiba tree, on a tee shirt.

Spread the love.
Share the image.
Share the tee.

If you know of anyone with interest in the legends of the ceiba, let them know to take a look.

Positive ZAP! to you.

-Rusty Joints