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NEW SAUCE – The Album Is Here. Hip Hop, Salsa, NYC

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Hip Hop and Salsa and NYC just had a baby.

This is the New Sauce album.

It is also the introduction of New Sauce as an original style of music.

There may be parallels to other music, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard something quite like this.

For the most part this is really an English language album.

Check Puertored for instance. He’s a Puerto Rican, born and raised in NYC, who is not Spanish speaking. In his household it was English.

I wanna talk about the origins a bit because this thing is really a long time coming.

This idea occurred when I was visiting Puerto Rico in 2000. I had a cassette player, but didn’t bring that much music with me. I walked to the local music store and ended up buying like 5 Hector Lavoe/ Willie Colon albums cuz I’ve always been a big fan.

So I had my Salsa tapes and a handful of Hip Hop tapes. As I’m sitting in a hamoc at my Amazing Titi Sile’s house, I thought of what now has become New Sauce.

I pictured Hip Hop and Salsa combined. Raw, ill, New York Hip Hop… And that raw, I’ll, old school Salsa. I figured it gotta have the Salsa rhythm cuz I wanted people to be able to dance to it. And I pictured kicking it off in English. I really saw it as an idea that came about as a result of growing up in NYC.

Some years later talking with JayMas he was telling me about his music ideas for Hip Hop and Salsa and Latin styles, that was aligned with this new style I had in mind. And through talks over the years we defined it better.

I struggled with a name for it for a long time. Then one day I found a title I liked: New Sauce. A nod to Salsa, but written in English.

It wasn’t till about maybe the end of 2012 that I did the recording with Puertored, for Bodega Down The Block. The Moon was cheese grilling us that night because that’s when it came together. That was the first real New Sauce joint. On that joint is where the production rule book for the style was written. And we wrote down those necessary ingredients.

Another great night for developing the style,was the night we recorded Puertored and JayMas for “La Vida Es Buena” another star aligned type of night.

So throughout parts of ’13 we compiled more songs. And we knew it had to be finalized, NOW, for a 2014 release.

I know it’s a great idea, but I also know that it’s just the luck of the draw. So we had to get this thing out before someone else does.

I think 14 years has been long enough.

Much Love


-Rusty Joints

Shout out to The artists involved:



Uncle Shine

Q Lagic

Point[less] Effortz

The Village Mathematician

Iā€™m grateful to have your help.

This is our project.

New Sauce Music website Is Up!

New Sauce Sofrito Cover 550px

The Site is up now.

It is the New Sauce home.

It will wind the clock down to let you know when this grand feast will be ready.

Are you salivating already?

Sit tight.

NEW SAUCE is happening.

I just want to state that.
New Sauce is happening.
New Sauce is coming.
Remember that, and keep your ears open.
I will keep you posted.
Peanut Butter Jam.

Sofrito Icon TINY

Moving Image Video for The Benefit Joint

Remember to not forget about the Open Beat Tape, and all it entails.



Trasmission From Rusty

Apparently Friday it is.

Open Beat Tape 001

This is a new project I’m setting off.

This is the: “Open Beat Tape”.
This is volume 001.

The concept here is pretty simple. The instrumentals found on these beat-tapes are open to whomever feels like rocking with them.

Emcees, singers, even mimes are encouraged to take these foundations and build a song on it.

Use them for your promotions, free give-aways and mix tapes and freestyle sessions and such.
Just credit Rusty Joints.

Like a free lease.
(Exclusives can be purchased… contact @ if you’re serious about it.)

Go Monster on’em.

Or just enjoy a listen. Over and over.

Hit the share button.

Positive Energy
-Rusty Joints

Thunder CLAPZ Thru The Forrest

This is an outtake from the upcoming Rusty Joints album, “ATeNATiCa”.

I love it on it’s own, but It didn’t work for me in context of the other tracks on the album.
So I decided to give it out now.

Grab a copy and slap somebody in the neck with it.
Bring an umbrella. Ella.

And a shout out to Lee for putting me on to the sampled song. šŸ™‚ ZAP!
Thunder CLAPZ Cover Art 1000

The Funky Drummond (Robotic Soul)

New track to groove with.

Give a listen, snatch a download, Do a dance. Use your hips.
Funky Drummond Robotic Soul Art 600

ATeNATiCa album is coming.

Positive Energy

-Rusty Joints

Track 01 – And The Notes Amplify The Chaos – Artwork

Yes. This is art for the upcoming Rusty Joints album: ATeNATiCa.

But, this is not the album art.

This is the art for Track 01: And The Notes Amplify The Chaos. (ATeNATiCa is a type of abbreviated form of the track 01 title).

So that means each track will have it’s own artwork. There is 15 tracks.

Wish me luck.

Track 01 - And The Notes Amplify The Chaos

Aww Nyuck, Nyuck. Look what I found.

Atenatica Master CD Hand Render 002

This is to celebrate the completion of ATeNATiCa, the follow up to Chaos Plays the Notes.
All the music is done, and now all the details have to be attended to.
…such as a bunch of artwork.

The time is soon approaching.
I hope you would look forward to it.

Positive Energy.

-Rusty Joints

Happy 2014. Collided this together and thought I’d share.

Grab a Download.

Mobile Rusty. More mobile than my last trip to Mars to make that repair on the Curiosity Rover.

Rusty is Mobile.
Hot Damnit.

Basically what I mean by all this junk is, go check my site, from your Smart Phone.
Or at least a phone of above average intelligence… work wit’ me.

image image

But yieah. This is the first mobile version of the Rusty Joints website. I may update and modify at will.

There is previews of the 2 new tracks from, AnTeNATiCa, just as the main site.

There’s the bio area, called Rust.

Theres the Music area which is linked to my Bandcamp shop. They made a nice cozy little mobile version of Bandcamp earlier this year.
Check all that out. And if you’re a musician, it’s a good resource for you to setup an account with them. (In case you aint heard bout it yet)

And finally on the mobile site there’s the Contact page, with a contact form, a bunch of links, and the email signup form.
So if you know any music lovers, put them on.

Now, you could stop people at the bus stop, and tell them:
“Yo! Check this site out… check the music… and go on sign up for the mailing list, because AnTeNATiCa is gonna explode Yo FACE!!, and you need to be notified when that happens!”

That’s what you should say, word for word.

Much Love

(Is it snowing?..)

Invasion Force 1988 – 1st completed piece for follow up to: CPTN

Sneek Peek at the new album.
…and The Notes Amplify the Chaos

This is the first completed track, and the album will be on the way.
A follow up that is keeping things moving.
Hope You Dig!


Elemental – Window.

This Is The Window to the Elemental

I have been aware of this concept for some years now.
There was a very strong visual at the beginning, which encompassed whispers that always was.
Time passed and the concept was glanced upon in remembrance.
… … . . .
Meanwhile the Journey of sound solidified and presented itself to us.
Further progress was made over the course of sixteen lunar cycles or so.
What now?
Dub tee eff man, dub tee eff.
Three or four futures pull and struggle to realize their place in the time-line.
Their place, in the dimension we read this from.
… … . . .
An old concept.
Strong and visual.
Wants to be heard.
The ideas it shares is quite intriguing, for sure.
It wants to bring the heat, hot, fire!
It then wants to fan the flames.
That leaves the soil dying and thirsty.
So the rain shall quench it’s thirst.
The four rulers, and their generals, will think mighty of themselves.
They will accomplish much good, in the most bloody of times in all the lands.
When they are done with it; the birds will sing the peace harmony, and the four rulers will be so proud.
The Fire, the Wind, the Earth, and the Water elementals would never realize the reign over the elements does not belong to them.

Let me stop.

Until it starts.

Chaos Plays the Notes. Out Now. Melting Ears.

Chaos Plays the Notes
is Out Now. Right Now.

33Track Beat Tape Album, clocking in at approx 77mins.

Click Cover Art … FREE DOWNLOAD.

I started to work on this album with a vision. I would sample only a certain way and approach it with a musical theme I had in mind.

After a few of the tracks were done, I ended up doing some more beats that just kinda ranted and raved at me how they are gonna do whatever the hell THEY wanted to do.

Then I listened to them and saw that, hey I think these guys are onto something. They kinda took it to an elevated level. Then certain tracks started getting the axe.

That’s when I realized the name of the album would be: Chaos Plays the Notes.
…and that I aint really in control of this thing.
That is a common misconception most of us have about many things.

So after blacking out for 3 months… I am awake and would like to present to you something completely out of my control.
because Chaos Plays the Notes.


…it’ll melt your ears off.