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CRZN Dynamic Mic (Heart Mic)

The CRZN Dynamic Microphone tee (Heart Mic).
A dynamic microphone with a CARDIO pickup pattern. (Get it?)…/crzn-dyna…/mens/t-shirt…

Available in Mens, Womens, and assorted styles and colors.
Also redid the whole tee shop as well.
Check it:


Wanna help get this printed?!

The Tricky Warrior Dwarf Demon, wants a new home on a T-Shirt. Help him out.

PTWDD Slide 002

Click the link and and head over to Threadless, and put in a 5 score, comment, Like, +1…  … . . .

If there’s a good enough reaction, they might go and print it.

PTWDD Slide 003

PTWDD Slide 001

Thanks in advance.

Much Love


The Tree of Many Things

The Tree of Many Things.
This artwork is freshly posted to the art gallery and shop on Society6.

This was based on talks with a friend of mine.
It originated with the Ceiba Tree, and extended from there based on all the folklore surrounding it.

This is the tree of many things, based on the ceiba tree.

The Tree of Many Things

The Tree of Many Things. The ceiba tree, on a tee shirt.

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If you know of anyone with interest in the legends of the ceiba, let them know to take a look.

Positive ZAP! to you.

-Rusty Joints