The Spirit: The Inspiration, The Machine: The Technician.


People of Earth!

My name is Rusty Joints, I come in peace, and I bring music.

I have been composing for quite some time and have recently been sharing with the world.

I call it Test Tube Hip Hop.
That is a main focus on Hip-Hop, but can really go off in to the experimental realm.
Wherever the feeling takes me, I’m there.
Robots have feelings.

The way I look at it, there really is no rules. Very often my music has Boom-Bap characteristics, however it may shift off to the left only to appear to your right.

Mostly instrumental work, sometimes acompanied by rhymes, or even a singer.

Check back with me once in a while, for I am trying to put together this image of sound that I do not yet have all the pieces to.

Much Love


-Rusty Joints