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Conceptte-Tape BETA, now up on Youtube.

Free Download here:…

Song: The Arrival
Album: Conceptte-Tape BETA
by Rusty Joints
released Sept. 18, 2010

The first official release from composer – Rusty Joints.
That is Me – nice to meet you.

Hope you enjoy.
And if you do.
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I’m outie 5001…
I have a dinner reservation on planet: Saschkatuuann-Z.

Much Love

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Free Stickers:

Transference – 2 Waves [Rust Chip] – Up For Download

Transference - 2 Waves Cover Art

Grab it free here:

While Supplies Last!

If you wanna follow up on Soundcloud, You can catch some “Rust Chips” that I just throw up, usually for free download.

They Might be taken down just as quick.

Grab it, and catch wreck if you feel.

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The Jelly-Filled Cranium Fish

The Jelly-Filled Cranium Fish

We found this rare creature flying out of the restroom at the local pub.
It is normally found in the Amazon Rain Forrest, and on occasion has been spotted roaming the streets of Norway.

Those are not real facial features, just the way this amazing member of the Jelly Fish family has evolved.

And in the case that we are mistaken… it could just be a severed Zombies head.

Either way, CRIKEY! it is an amazing find!
Cranium Fish

Wanna help get this printed?!

The Tricky Warrior Dwarf Demon, wants a new home on a T-Shirt. Help him out.

PTWDD Slide 002

Click the link and and head over to Threadless, and put in a 5 score, comment, Like, +1…  … . . .

If there’s a good enough reaction, they might go and print it.

PTWDD Slide 003

PTWDD Slide 001

Thanks in advance.

Much Love


A Happy Cycloptic Dog Eagle with a Stache, and a Rat.

This is the Happy Cycloptic Dog Eagle with a Stache.

He’s just a happy fellow, we could learn a lot from.

You can find him here on all types of prints:

On print with a white background:

…and on Tee:

Then we got This Guy.
Just a Rat and his Cheese.

He’s all about his cheese. FTW!!

But not about the cheese people are often about. He’s really about his cheese. He says, “I gotta get that cheese, I gotta Eat!” He means it.
When he gets that cheese he will eat it.

Available on prints:

…and on Tee: