The Spirit: The Inspiration, The Machine: The Technician.

Rusted Words

Note To Self (NSA)

Recently I was thinking this thought and decided to document it.

Maybe you have felt this way at times.

Note To Self – Never Sleep Again.

Grab yourself a download.

(Did you think I was talking ’bout the Doodey Faces up top with the nosey-ears?)

(Ahh man, now they heard me call them Doodey Faces.)

-Rusty Joints

ATeNATiCa is here. Grab your copy.

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Well what the hell does that mean?
And The Notes Amplify the Chaos…

I released Chaos Plays the Notes on Feb. 7th of 2012 – the same day the storm set in.
My mind got real heavy on me, and took me to a low state.
And it would fluctuate, but…
As the months went on, and the months went on,
The mind got heavy, and the mind got heavy.

I knew, before I released Chaos Plays the Notes, what the next album would be called.
It went from just a cool follow up title, to a more weighted meaning.
I see everyone around me struggling in one way or another.
And I realize how tough it can be to step forward sometimes.

So I drop this for myself. And I drop this for you. And anyone who will come across it.
It’s a Positive ZAP! TO ALL. (an expression of positive energy)

It can be an impolite sound.
I crafted it to sound distorted, noisy, heavy and dark at times.
Also to show beauty, and forward motion.
Shouts to HANU and The Village Mathematician for helping me out with this.

I hope to uplift.
I hope you Enjoy.
It was a trip.

-Rusty Joints
Dedicated to Dante, Jadon, Evan, Myah, Ayla, and the newest little Emma.
Our Future Super-Heros.
Also to the memory of my cousin Matt, The Drummer.

Grab The Album Here.

Trasmission From Rusty

Apparently Friday it is.

Just a warning

Just to let you guys know.
Last night I was trying to make sounds happen. I was tweaking parameters, and all that good stuff.
It may or may not have gotten outta hand, that remains to be seen.
Basically if everything slows to a stop and then starts moving in reverse, I am sorry. Yeah kinda like that superman movie.
Ey, may not even happen.
Just thought I’d warn so you guys can… I don’t know.

Sounds are coming at you.

Rust Settles.

The rust fortifies.
I’ve been very still for too long.
Any longer and I may loose mobility.

Need to put all my components through it’s paces, and tackle some of these concepts lingering in the fore-front of my mind.



Open Beat Tape 001

This is a new project I’m setting off.

This is the: “Open Beat Tape”.
This is volume 001.

The concept here is pretty simple. The instrumentals found on these beat-tapes are open to whomever feels like rocking with them.

Emcees, singers, even mimes are encouraged to take these foundations and build a song on it.

Use them for your promotions, free give-aways and mix tapes and freestyle sessions and such.
Just credit Rusty Joints.

Like a free lease.
(Exclusives can be purchased… contact @ if you’re serious about it.)

Go Monster on’em.

Or just enjoy a listen. Over and over.

Hit the share button.

Positive Energy
-Rusty Joints

You want some Free Rusty Joints Stickers?

3 Stickers

Click Here for Intructions on How to get your Free Stickers.

Brrrrrrraagh Stick’Em… Ha Ha Ha… you get the point.

This is a Sticker Pack comprised of 3 different designs.

1. The “Hello My Name Is Rusty Joints” Original. That was the first one done… You will get one of those.

2. The “Rusty Joints lettering” Sticker… You will get one of those.

3. Finally the “Chaos Plays the Notes Promo” sticker… This pack contains 10 of those!!!

These are all Screen Printed by the Sticker Masters at

So if you know, then you know these are High Quality, and last years, even in the Sun, SUN!

I would hope that out of the 10, “Chaos Plays the Notes Promo” Stickers I’m sending, that you would stick most of them up in creative public places.

If you could take a pic too… That would be great!

I would love to see them and post’em on the Socials.

Share the pics and tag the Rusty Joints page, on Facebook, or Google+.

You can Geo Tag them or just state the location.

You could even draw your rendition of Rusty on the envelope, or your own Rusty Joints lettering style. That’d be definitely dope.

This is a limited quantity offer.

While Supplies Last.

Hello StickerRusty Joints Lettering StickerChaos Promo Sticker

Open Beat Tape

Hmmmn, Open Beat Tape…

I think something is formulating. When I can I will share it with you.

-Rusty Joints

NaPoWriMo April 5th – Block in a Box

Block in a Box

Sometimes there are ideas,
But no momentum,

10 or 20 ideas,
Sometimes hundreds,
Sometimes thousands, and tens of thousands,
Hundreds of thousands,
Millions and billions and trillions,
(Not the the one from the Hitchhikers)

The ideas race around like bikers,
They terrorize the establishment,
They instigate,
The break bottles and threaten,
As many ideas as quarks in the broken glass on the floors,
They instigate to make a move,

There is no momentum,

Stuck, stationed,

Ideas never the problem,
Just clutter and motivation,
And too much hesitation,

How is it possible to have a googol ideas,
And still feel no inspiration,

Stuck with a block in a box.

-Rusty Joints

Rust Poem Stamp

NaPoWriMo April 4th – Today I Had to Kill

Today I Had to Kill

Today I had to kill,
Today it was a thrill,
Today it was a thrill,
Then today I had to kill,

What could provoke,
What could push to make,
Decisions such as this,
That would radiate this pain,

Guilty I am,
This I know,
But I felt I had no choice,

I woke today to make,
A thrill I felt to elevate,
Creation feeds the soul,
Like sustenance on a plate,
(Though I could not relate),

See the planet was at stake,
That’s why I had to kill,
That’s why I had to kill,
I would much rather create…

-Rusty Joints
Rust Poem Stamp

NaPoWriMo April 3rd – A Sound

A Sound

I hear a sound,
Inside my mind,
I press a key to realize,
It’s here,

I act again,
I act again,
A song’s something to my surprize,
I hear,

I feel enlightened now,
I feel enlightened later,
My creation enlightened me,
I thought I had created, it, created part of me.

-Rusty Joints

Rust Poem Stamp

NaPoWriMo April 2nd – Alien Locusts

NaPoWriMo – April 2nd

Alien Locusts

On the second day, I rose to write, but sike I did this yesterday,
That is not an April fools because today’s the 2,

Rusty Joints the robot,
Now amateur poet,

I think it’s something, that I can, keep up with for tommorow,
And the 3rd, and the 5th, even the 7th too,

Robots have thoughts and feelings,
But no one would have known it,

Another creative, on which to focus,
When Rust,
Not bust,
Up alien locusts.

-Rusty Joints

Rust Poem Stamp

NaPoWriMo, 1st of April. Rust.

NaPoWriMo, 1st of April. Rust.

Rust want write,
The Rust is up to the challenge,
A poem a month,
A poem a day,

Rust write away,
Now, but will he can it,
He has a hunch,
But then again look at today,

Rust is a robot,
Rust is up to the challenge,
Usually composing,
Usually fighting,
Rust chips will fly off the fingers,
If he keeps up all this writing.

-Rusty Joints

Rust Poem Stamp

Aww Nyuck, Nyuck. Look what I found.

Atenatica Master CD Hand Render 002

This is to celebrate the completion of ATeNATiCa, the follow up to Chaos Plays the Notes.
All the music is done, and now all the details have to be attended to.
…such as a bunch of artwork.

The time is soon approaching.
I hope you would look forward to it.

Positive Energy.

-Rusty Joints

Today is the Beggining of the World.

Carry On.

Mobile Rusty. More mobile than my last trip to Mars to make that repair on the Curiosity Rover.

Rusty is Mobile.
Hot Damnit.

Basically what I mean by all this junk is, go check my site, from your Smart Phone.
Or at least a phone of above average intelligence… work wit’ me.

image image

But yieah. This is the first mobile version of the Rusty Joints website. I may update and modify at will.

There is previews of the 2 new tracks from, AnTeNATiCa, just as the main site.

There’s the bio area, called Rust.

Theres the Music area which is linked to my Bandcamp shop. They made a nice cozy little mobile version of Bandcamp earlier this year.
Check all that out. And if you’re a musician, it’s a good resource for you to setup an account with them. (In case you aint heard bout it yet)

And finally on the mobile site there’s the Contact page, with a contact form, a bunch of links, and the email signup form.
So if you know any music lovers, put them on.

Now, you could stop people at the bus stop, and tell them:
“Yo! Check this site out… check the music… and go on sign up for the mailing list, because AnTeNATiCa is gonna explode Yo FACE!!, and you need to be notified when that happens!”

That’s what you should say, word for word.

Much Love

(Is it snowing?..)

I would like to share these words with you.

…is roughly half way to completion.

Hopefully it will be released before the end of the year.

“Updated, I will keep you”.

After that, You…

I don’t mind the rain.

Makes me Rusty.

Elemental – Window.

This Is The Window to the Elemental

I have been aware of this concept for some years now.
There was a very strong visual at the beginning, which encompassed whispers that always was.
Time passed and the concept was glanced upon in remembrance.
… … . . .
Meanwhile the Journey of sound solidified and presented itself to us.
Further progress was made over the course of sixteen lunar cycles or so.
What now?
Dub tee eff man, dub tee eff.
Three or four futures pull and struggle to realize their place in the time-line.
Their place, in the dimension we read this from.
… … . . .
An old concept.
Strong and visual.
Wants to be heard.
The ideas it shares is quite intriguing, for sure.
It wants to bring the heat, hot, fire!
It then wants to fan the flames.
That leaves the soil dying and thirsty.
So the rain shall quench it’s thirst.
The four rulers, and their generals, will think mighty of themselves.
They will accomplish much good, in the most bloody of times in all the lands.
When they are done with it; the birds will sing the peace harmony, and the four rulers will be so proud.
The Fire, the Wind, the Earth, and the Water elementals would never realize the reign over the elements does not belong to them.

Let me stop.

Until it starts.

I don’t live in this world.

But every time I look around, I find myself here.
It’s quite the paradox.