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The Panda Menace

The Panda Menace 3000px

The Image links to the print page, where there are fina art prints, tee shirts, and other products available.

This is the link:

Positive Energy



A Happy Cycloptic Dog Eagle with a Stache, and a Rat.

This is the Happy Cycloptic Dog Eagle with a Stache.

He’s just a happy fellow, we could learn a lot from.

You can find him here on all types of prints:

On print with a white background:

…and on Tee:

Then we got This Guy.
Just a Rat and his Cheese.

He’s all about his cheese. FTW!!

But not about the cheese people are often about. He’s really about his cheese. He says, “I gotta get that cheese, I gotta Eat!” He means it.
When he gets that cheese he will eat it.

Available on prints:

…and on Tee: