The Spirit: The Inspiration, The Machine: The Technician.

Elemental – Window.

This Is The Window to the Elemental

I have been aware of this concept for some years now.
There was a very strong visual at the beginning, which encompassed whispers that always was.
Time passed and the concept was glanced upon in remembrance.
… … . . .
Meanwhile the Journey of sound solidified and presented itself to us.
Further progress was made over the course of sixteen lunar cycles or so.
What now?
Dub tee eff man, dub tee eff.
Three or four futures pull and struggle to realize their place in the time-line.
Their place, in the dimension we read this from.
… … . . .
An old concept.
Strong and visual.
Wants to be heard.
The ideas it shares is quite intriguing, for sure.
It wants to bring the heat, hot, fire!
It then wants to fan the flames.
That leaves the soil dying and thirsty.
So the rain shall quench it’s thirst.
The four rulers, and their generals, will think mighty of themselves.
They will accomplish much good, in the most bloody of times in all the lands.
When they are done with it; the birds will sing the peace harmony, and the four rulers will be so proud.
The Fire, the Wind, the Earth, and the Water elementals would never realize the reign over the elements does not belong to them.

Let me stop.

Until it starts.


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